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From Working Drawings into Working Boilers
Plans All boilers are built from design-assessed plans approved by a boiler inspector or engineering surveyor.

Materials and Resources All welding rods, boilerplate, tubing and solid bars have traceability and relevant certification.

Cutting Although oxy-acetylene is normally used, laser-cutting is sometimes used to ensure consistency when multiple identical components are required.

Bending and Forming A full range of facilities is available for all types and sizes of materials.

Welding It is the combination of knowledge, skill, experience and a passion for high quality workmanship which makes welding by TRS special. Boilers are hand-built, not mass-produced, and TRS is proud of the "as-welded" appearance of its products.

Riveting and Rivet Detail TRS specialises in producing fully-welded new boilers and uses riveting where appropriate in restoration work.

Grinding and Cleaning Completed boilers are thoroughly cleaned, with minimal grinding, to remove spatter and scale. TRS is happy to leave its boilers in their as-welded condition.

Fixtures and Fittings Just as much attention is paid to the detail of all fixtures and fittings as to the boilers themselves. For example, as well as normal external welding, TRS also welds any bosses, or similar parts, on the inside of its boilers to minimise crevice corrosion.

Tubing The majority of boiler tubes are steel. In addition special requests such as copper tubing can be commissioned. Tubes are expanded by hand rather than being welded. This enables the tubes to be replaced and extends the working life of the boiler.

Inspection and Testing All boilers are independently tested by an external inspector. They are hydraulically tested to twice maximum working pressure and fully certificated to all relevant specifications.

Documentation and Delivery A full portfolio of documentation is supplied with every boiler which authenticates its pedigree and enhances its future resale value. The documentation includes material certificates, welder certification, welding procedures, hydraulic test and inspection reports.

Boilers are delivered worldwide and packaging and transportation are arranged in consultation with the customer.